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We offer a broad line of quality concentrates, edibles, flower and pre-roll products. Our commitment to quality is unmatched, and our clients love our outstanding service.


Peanut Butter Cups

10mg THC per cup serving



Very Special Reserve


Mister Twisters

1 gram pre-rolls in 9 flavors


Gaga Gardens featuring:

  • Xj-13
  • Day tripper
  • Dutch treat
  • Agent orange

Washington Retail Locations

Gaga Edibles & Extracts is a Washington-based company that processes and distributes a broad line of quality concentrates, edibles, flower and pre-roll products throughout Washington State.

We have a commitment to providing consistent products and outstanding customer service.

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Talk of the Town

In the past year Gaga  and Joint Co. have been thriving, and our customers have been pleased with their experiences.  We are happy to bring them the best we possibly can to continue their happiness with our products!

"The Twisters are probably the fastest moving items I have in the store!.... it's a HIT!" 


"I just wanted to let you know I tried the shatter.... They are so good!! The flavors are so distinctly different, great high!" 

Dispensary Buyer

"You guys have the best infused joints for the price.  The flavoring is always spot-on, and your concentrate is Kick-Ass. Stoked to see all of your flavors @hiddenjoint"


"The product is superb!"

Dispensary Manager
Mister Twisters:

"SO DELICIOUS!!!!! <3 Cant' ever get enough." 


"An edible without equal, the hard candies from GaGa Edibles are simply divine. I was captivated at first look, due to the startling clarity of the candy. Probably the cleanest-looking edible I’ve ever seen! The watermelon flavor was simple and refreshing, and set my mouth watering at first taste. There wasn’t a hint of cannabis in the candy, either, which speaks to the quality of their kitchen.

GaGa has brought their talent for clean and beautiful concentrates to the edible market, and with incredible success. With candy this good, it’s hard not to accidentally eat the whole box in one sitting!"


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